Artifact Interview

Jordan Perlinger

Artifacts of Daniel

April 19, 2016


Daniel was wearing a red, long sleeve t-shirt and that is the item I decided to interview him about.  The shirt was made of cotton and had white writing on it in two places.  In big white writing the word “raiders” was down the left sleeve.  On the front left side of the shirt there was a crest with white writing that said “St. Sebastian School”.  My assumption is that Daniel’s shirt represents his high school.  It reminds me of shirts I have from my high school or even my sorority.  I’m also guessing that the raiders were his school’s mascot.  This reminds me of my high school’s mascot which was a maroon and I actually have a shirt from my high school that is very similar to his.

As I was looking at Daniels shirt I was wondering if he got it for something specific or if it was just something he got randomly.  I asked him where and when he got the red shirt and he told me the school on the shirt was his elementary school.  He attended the private school from kindergarten to eighth grade.  He got the shirt as a gift at his high school graduation party from his favorite elementary school teacher.  I also asked how often he liked to wear the shirt and he said not that often, but he did intentionally wear to his younger sisters basketball game over winter break because she goes to St. Sebastian.

Another question I asked Daniel was if other people had the shirt or if it was uniquely his.  He that other people probably have the shirt and if anyone wears something that says “St. Sebastian” on it everyone in Milwaukee knows exactly what school it is.  He said the school is very well known and has a few rival schools.  This reminded me of my high school because it was also a private school and we had a lot of local rivals as well.

I also asked him why he wore the shirt and he said it was one of the few long sleeve t-shirts he had and that it was really comfy.  He also said he had a lot of school pride and is happy to represent the school his whole family is passionate about.

This t-shirt solely represents Daniel’s school pride.  It is a symbol of going to the school for 10 years.  I googled the school and found out it was a Catholic school and that is the exact kind of school I went to in elementary and middle school.  The school is also part of a parish and that is also a similarity to how I grew up.