Artifact Interview

When Zoe chose her object, she grabbed a small black pin off of her backpack and handed it to me. The pin itself was fairly small and similar to pins that other college students typically have on their backpacks. In white lettering, the pin said “When blondes have more fun do they know it?” Right away, I found this to be pretty funny and wondered if it represented her sense of humor. It also reminded me of my older sister. My older sister naturally has very dark brown hair and went through a phase where she was blonde. I then wondered if my partner also ever went through a phase where she wanted to be blonde herself. My biggest question was what special meaning that this pin holds.

During the interview process, my very first question was about the pin’s meaning to my her. Zoe said that she got it at a thrift store in Virginia at her very first family reunion with her entire family. The pin brings back memories of the first time that she was able to gather with her entire family. I also asked if this described her sense of humor and she said that it did and that her sense of humor was “dry sarcasm”. My final question was if she had ever wanted to change her hair color. As a young child, Zoe had blonde hair that darkened as she got older. As an adult, she has changed her hair color a few times, but never to blonde. Her most drastic change was that she had red hair for a short time. Another important aspect of her family that relates to her pin is that most of her family member all have very dark hair naturally. She explained that her mother’s side of her family is Jewish and African American and her father’s side is Italian and Irish. She explained that the cousins that she was with when purchasing the pin have the typical dark, curly hair that many Jewish people have. Even though this object is just a small pin with a humorous saying on it, it holds a special meaning and ties her to her family.