Artifact Interviews

The artifact that I chose of Adams was his water bottle. He said he didn’t have anything on him or with him that held great meaning but his water bottle is something he has carried around with him everyday since the first day of school so I found this to be an important artifact of his.

A metaphor to describe his water bottle would be anything regarding health. He specifically carries around a water bottle because he said he wants to start being more healthy, and encourages himself to drink at least 2 full water bottles a day. Now knowing this, I know why he chooses to carry it around with him every day. As for the water bottle itself, the only history or cultural fact about the water bottle that relates to him and why he got it was the brand itself which is Contigo. His parents purchased this water bottle for him as a school supply for him, and wanted something durable that would last him a long time, which this brand is well known for.

His gray and clear 24 ounce water bottle throughout the year has gotten a little banged up. Adam said his water bottle has lasted him all year and has been really durable, but recently he dropped it on the ground and now that are scrapes along the bottom and side. The water bottle marks off three sections to notify the drinker when they have drank 8, 16, and 24 ounces. It also gives the drinker different units of how much water they have consumed in millimeters as well. The nozzle of the water bottle is similar to that of a Camelback water bottle were you have to bite on it for the water to come up the straw.

While interviewing Adam we discussed everything to the price ranging of the water bottle to the purpose and as to why he carries it around with him everyday. Adam said he didn’t purchase it himself but his parents bought it for him when they were buying things for his apartment. This brand of water bottles are on the medium range of affordable pricing. He said they paid anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars for it. When choosing the water bottle he said he had no personal preference as to why he chose it, it was just because it was affordable and seemed like it would be durable. He said he decides to carry it around so often because he wants to be more healthy and wants to start drinking more water to maintain and better his health. Adam chose this artifact because he planned on using for everyday use and to better his health.