David’s Scar

When David was looking for an artifact in his bag, he couldn’t really find anything. He then pointed down to his knee showing a scar, which we both agreed would be an interesting topic to interview him about. His scar seemed to be about 5 inches long and was located on his left leg.

When I first saw the scar, I immediately thought it could be from a sports injury. I remembered David saying a few times in class that he enjoyed watching baseball so I thought it was a possibility that he played the sport as well. My assumption proved to be right when I asked how he got the scar. David had his first serious injury while playing a baseball game on February 2012, a day before his birthday. He was running from first to second where he got his cleat stuck and he managed to fracture his tibia. David had surgery a few days later, then was stuck on crutches for two months. I’ve never been injured before, so I wasn’t really sure what having an injury was like. I asked about his pain overall, and he said that he was in a lot of pain after the surgery but he was fine afterwards. He had to wear a knee brace when he worked out for a few months. Now, the only time he feels anything is when it is cold outside since he had two metal screws in his left leg.

David told me he had been playing baseball for 12 years. This was quite impressive since the longest I was ever in a sport was 6 years of dance, before I got bored of it.  I asked if he had any other injuries and he began listing off quite a few, all of them being from baseball. He had dislocated his shoulder, hit in the face with a baseball multiple times, one of his eyes is smaller because he was hit by a baseball, and he even had a fractured collarbone. That left me wishing I had all that passion he had for baseball. Even with the countless injuries he had endured with this sport, it didn’t seem to stop him from doing what he loved.