artifact interview

Kristin is were a chain around her neck thats what i decided to interview her about, the chain was made when her grandfather passed away last year on the chain it has his finger print and the day be was born. My assumption is that Kristin wears this chain in honer of her grandfather. It also reminds me of a chain my sister had of my cousin who passed away it is same in some ways.

as i looked more at the chain i started think where did you get such a cool chain from with your grandfathers finger print. i asked where she got it from, the hospital that took her grandfather maked the chain. i also asked how oftten do you wear the chain. she wears it every day 7 days a week she feels that her  grandfather is always with her when she has it on.

anther question i had asked Kristin is do people often ask about the chain, she said that she use to wear the chain under her close all the time because when people would ask she had a hard time telling the story but now it is much easier. next i asked how does it feel to have on and wear. She said that her and her sister only resived the chains and it really means a lot to her.