Because I missed class on the day that this activity was started I decided to do my artifact interview with a friend. My friends’ name is Sarita. She is a freshman majoring in music therapy. Because of her major she plays several instruments. Her instrument, the clarinet, is something she carries around with her at all times. I noticed that Sarita’s clarinet was somewhat old, most likely a used instrument, but looked to be in very good condition. The case however looked banged up, but at least her instrument was well taken care of.

When looking at her clarinet I was reminded of the time in school when I wanted to join band but couldn’t because my brother was a very sickly child and we couldn’t afford to put me in band. I also wonder how long Sarita has had this instrument. Did she bring it from high school? Did she buy it or was it given to her? How hard is it to play the clarinet? These were the questions that I asked during our interview.

Sarita has been playing the clarinet for 7 years. When she was in high school she played her schools clarinet so she didn’t actually have one when she arrived at the University of Iowa. Her current clarinet was given to her by one of her professors when she first arrived. It is safe to assume that the clarinet was used by one or two students before given to Sarita. It was more than likely donated to the music department to help students who can’t afford their own instruments. Sarita uses her clarinet for a few hours four times a week. She takes it to lessons and practices with it on her own as well as taking it to classes. When asked why her instrument was so important to her she said “I respected high school band so much I wanted to do something with it within my career. My instrument is a part of me.”

Sarita and her instrument are very much alike.  The outside case of her instrument looks beat up and old but inside the case is something wonderful and full of potential. Knowing Sarita and her being my friend I know that she is from the south side of Chicago, which is known to have a bad reputation. Sarita, like her instrument case, can be judged by the what the outside looks like, or where she is from. However, inside is a good person full of potential and the willingness to help other people.