Gia’s Ring

In all honesty, Gia didn’t have much on her that would be considered a meaningful artifact. Except for her ring that is. It’s a simple silver ring, with three stones that sit in the middle which are held in place by square settings. The stones all have a round cut to them. The center stone is significantly larger than the smaller ones. There are two slits on each side of the smaller stones that reach about halfway around the ring, allowing the user to see through it slightly. The jewels themselves are clear in color.

At first I thought the ring was just for show, like most other rings people in college wear. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case. It turns out it was a gift from her boyfriend before she left for college. She described how she wearing the ring on her index finger instead of her ring finger. She notes that if she wears the ring on her left ring finger, then people assume it’s an engagement ring. Gia also mentions that even if she wears it on her ring finger on her right hand then people still assume it’s a wedding ring.

She went on to explain how her and her boyfriend had been together all throughout high school, for the full four years. Which I don’t even care cause I’m not sad and alone or anything like why would I care, its no big deal. I’m not jealous or anything, I don’t even care that she’s been in the same relationship for four years and I was stood up to Homecoming 3 years in a row. I’m not even bitter about that anymore. When asked, she claims that she wears the ring every single day and she doesn’t have any clue how much the ring costs.