Final Reflection

i. Looking back at all of the blog posts that I’ve done over the course of this semester, the thing that most surprised me was that we didn’t do as many projects or papers as I thought we would do. I thought that since this was a Rhetoric class that we would write more papers.

ii. I think that I have definitely improved in my writing skills. I’m not much of a writer and I think that my skills developed more as the year went on. It’s nice to see that I was able to improve in something.

iii. The blog post that I am most proud of is Archives Alive! I think that it was definitely very challenging, but I was very proud with my end result.

iv. I wish I had spent more time on my first Rhetoric Analysis Paper. I think that if I had spent more time and put more effort into it, I would’ve been more satisfied with my work.

v. There are a couple skills that I believe will be useful for me in my personal life and career and that is public speaking. I have a fear of public speaking and I think that this class helped with me overcoming that fear. However, I still have a lot of work to improve my public speaking skills.