Final Reflection

I) Looking back at my past work over the course of this semester I am surprised on how my writing has changed. When I look back at the very first projects we did (Heinrichs and Show What You Know) I feel like it is not some of my best work and could be improved. In contrast, I feel that in my latest blog posts (Artifact Interviews and the Iowa Narratives Project) that my overall writing skill has improved and that my blog posts as a whole just look and flow better.

II) The ability I believe I have improved on the most is being able to speak in front of others. In high school I was afraid to talk in front of my classmates that I had known for years, and it kind of followed me into college. However, after presenting multiple different things and having a couple major speeches, I feel more confident in front of others and I don’t get so nervous the day of the speech.

III) The blog post I am most proud of is the Artifact Interviews. I feel that I worked diligently and “dug” for more details in a sweatshirt than I ever would have imagined. Who knew that a sweatshirt could represent someone’s life so well?

IV) If I could revise any of my blog posts it would be the Show What You Know. I wish I would have presented on a topic that was more personal to me so that I could have connected better to the topic.

V) I feel that learning how to address someone professionally in a letter or an email as well as learning how to ask questions/interview someone are very important skills in the real world. I will definitely need these skills in the career I am going into and will probably use these skills in every day life as well.