Final Reflection

i. I was surprised by how many projects our class has completed. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like we did this many projects. The blog does a good job of displaying all the hard work that goes into this class.

ii. My ability to create the actual blog post has certainly improved. I find it much easier to take a concept, figure out whats important, and to publish this idea on our blog with relevant photos and media.

iii. I am most proud of my Archives Alive post. I feel that I worked the hardest on this one, and it has a lot of really cool media in it. I am really proud of the video that I created for this as well.

iv. I don’t think I would have done anything differently, but I wish I had put more effort into some of the earlier posts.

v. The public speaking aspect of rhetoric will be a very valuable aspect of this class that I plan to utilize down the road. This will be helpful in both my professional and personal life.