Looking back over what I’ve done one of the things that surprised me was when we did the I side with blog post. I remember that I didn’t expect to side with the candidate that was given to me but now looking ahead I can understand how I side with that candidate. I feel as though I have improved the most in my writing. At first I just did the bare minimum and now I can construct long papers. The blog post I am most proud of is Little Miss Sunshine. The answers to the questions all flowed out and it didn’t seem like work and in the end I had a really good blog post. One of the blog posts that I wish I had done differently was the Archieves Alive. I was I hadn’t waited until the last minute to record and then consequently have to re-record. I think the writing and persuation skills will be the most useful in my future career. As a communications major I’ll definately be using persuation in my career.