i. Looking back on all of my blog posts I noticed that I don’t use as many commas in my writing as I should. It surprises me how formal most of my writing is regardless of the subject.

ii. I think that I have improved on my ability to write for an audience. Before this class I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would start a blog or online journal that I would share with the world, or my Sophomore year Rhetoric class.

iii. I am most proud of my Maus blog post, my political mapping post, and my show what you know post because I was able to share information about myself in a way that I hadn’t thought that I would have liked to. I didn’t realize how much I like to journal, and this class and blog has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of journal keeping.

iv. I wish I had organized some of my posts better or kept them shorter instead of including whole papers into them. In those instances, I should have probably attached a link to a word document instead.

v. Being able to document my thoughts and experiences will be a very useful skill that I will be able to take from this class and from writing these blog posts. I think that this blog has been beneficial to my personal life as well as my future career.