Reflection Activity- End of Year

  1. Nothing really surprised me other than not realizing how many we have done this year. Doing them as we go along with projects doesn’t seem like a lot, then I look back at all the ones that we have done this year and am proud how well I used a site that I never knew what it was before this class.
  2. The length of my blog posts increase as the semester went on, showing how more engaged I became with these topics as we went along and how I got better at analyzing different topics.
  3. A blog post I am most proud of is Iowa Narrative and Rhetoric of a Public Space because I was the blog keeper for both of those and I feel like I put a lot of work into the blogs that I made for those projects.
  4. I don’t think that I would change anything but I would make my blog posts more organized and easier to follow.
  5. I find that I gained the ability to better analyze text and situations through this class and became more of a critical thinker which can help me not only in my personal life but a career as well.