I wouldn’t say anything really surprised me. Most of my writing was fairly consistent  throughout all the blog posts but the thing I improved on the most would definitely be formal and more professional analysis of topics. This is probably most evident in the Thoughts on Maus post where I chose the prompt where you analyze and look at the art and art style of the book and how it impacts the story being told. I thou that the that was a good post that did a really good job looking at the book and the story while considering the art direction the author went with. As for posts that I wish I did differently. The post on artifact interviews was pretty bad. There wasn’t enough substance there to make it really good. Partially due to my lackluster interview questions. If I did it over I would most likely try and ask more in depth questions to give me more to work with in terms of material. As for the Rhetoric skill, I’d say writing more professional and formal research papers and analysis. Writing formal papers is obviously a skill that is useful in any career path, so it was a good skill to improve on.