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Final Reflection


i. Looking back at all of the blog posts that I’ve done over the course of this semester, the thing that most surprised me was that we didn’t do as many projects or… Continue reading

Iowa’s Katrina – David, Daniel, Matthew


Podcast: 100 Word Blurb In the spring of 2008, a late snow melt and heavy spring rain led the Iowa City River to flood jeopardizing the future of the University of Iowa’s… Continue reading

Naomi’s Pura Vida Bracelet


As Naomi was looking for an item to show, she brought out this bracelet that looked very interesting. The bracelet was made out of black wax thread and it had two different little… Continue reading

Thoughts on Maus


First of all, Maus is probably one of my favorite reads of all time. I have read this book about three or four times, and it always interesting to hear other people’s opinion… Continue reading

Iowa Narrative Proposals


David’s Proposal One of the things that I found interesting was the flood that happened in Iowa City back in 2008. I think that this would be a pretty cool topic to talk… Continue reading

Little Miss Sunshine: Dwayne


1.       The character that I choose was Dwayne. He basically wants to become a pilot and join the air force when he grows up, but he first wants to attend flight school which… Continue reading

Final: Non-English Speaking Patients

by Speech It was the year 1975, the Vietnam War had just ended and many people started working their way to the United States so they can have a better life not only… Continue reading

Archives Alive! Non-English Speaking Patients

by This document is a newspaper article from The Daily Iowan written by Risa Grudena titled Hospital translating staff aids non-English Speakers Spanish, Asian languages in demand. This article was published and available… Continue reading

“A Chance for Change” Rhetorical Analysis Final


The Earth is nowhere near perfect for those living on this planet. There are problems happening everywhere from the Americas to Europe and Asia. However, not many people are to make a difference… Continue reading

Helping Out and Volunteering


I never really imagined myself being a college student. I feel that school is not for some people; however, I wanted to give it a try. It was basically mandatory for everyone in… Continue reading