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Final Reflection


I) Looking back at my past work over the course of this semester I am surprised on how my writing has changed. When I look back at the very first projects we did… Continue reading

FINAL INP: Home of the Butterfly – Naomi, Sabrina, Kirsten


AUDIO ESSAY: BLURB: David Armbruster and Jack Sieg, a coach and his swimmer, both a part of the University of Iowa swimming and diving team, helped to develop the fourth type of stroke… Continue reading

Isaiah’s Sweatshirt


Upon interviewing Isaiah, we came to the mutual agreement that his sweatshirt would be the central topic of conversation. If I hadn’t know that Isaiah was on the basketball team at the University… Continue reading

Thoughts on MAUS


In Maus, Art retells his father’s stories in comic depictions. Jews are depicted as mice, Nazis are depicted as cats, and Poles are depicted as pigs. There are many different characteristic features that… Continue reading

Iowa Narratives Project (Naomi, Sabrina, and Kirsten)


Naomi’s Proposal: Throughout Iowa City, there are many apartment complexes that do not provide recycling for their tenants. Out of the hundreds of complexes in Iowa City, there are only 30-60 complexes that… Continue reading

Little Miss Sunshine


The member of the Hoover family I chose to focus on is Frank. Frank is Sheryl’s brother who tried to commit suicide. By the end of the movie Frank’s life seems to to be… Continue reading

Flashback to IC War Protest


“Academic Freedom in Heyday of Radicalism” Stage-Archives Alive! Screen Cast In the 1970’s, many anti-war protests were taking place all throughout America. Not very many people supported the Vietnam war, and college-aged students… Continue reading



While taking this quiz I often found myself clicking the “other stances” option. Whether I actually chose one of the other stances or not varied, but I almost always opened them, just so… Continue reading

Academic Freedom in Heyday of Radicalism

by This document is a newspaper article from the Des Moines Register (DMR) and was published on November 11, 1994 by Loren Keller. The intended audience is most likely people who either live in… Continue reading

“What’s So WISE About It?” (Final Rhetorical Analysis)


Most websites are created in order to persuade or promote, and the WISE website is no exception. Women in Science and Engineering, better known as WISE, is an organization that strives to improve… Continue reading