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Reflection Blog Post


Looking back at my blog posts, I’m not particularly surprised by anything. I recognize everything on my blog, and remember writing  everything that was on it. I guess I could claim that I’m… Continue reading

Little Miss Sunshine


The character that I chose was Dwayne. Dwayne takes detachment to a whole new level. He has vowed not to talk until he becomes a pilot in the Air Force, which is his… Continue reading

Rhetoric of a Public Space


The group consisting of Daniel, David and Matthew has chosen to do our report on the Iowa Old Capitol. We chose the old capitol because of its historical background, as well as the… Continue reading

Archives Alive!

by video: Archives Alive 2016 The author isn’t included in this document, but it was written for the Daily Iowan newspaper, most likely to inform Iowa City residents. This article talks about… Continue reading

Building an Image


Building an Image Early 2008, the Iowa River began to flood. As it rose, it began to creep closer and closer to the University of Iowa’s art campus, specifically the Voxman Music Building… Continue reading

Rhetorical Analysis


I didn’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life when I came to college, and I’m still not sure. I’ve played piano since I was ten and thought… Continue reading

Show What You Know


Testing testing 123