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The most surprising thing to me is how much my writing has grown. I have never been confident in my writing, but looking through my old writings, I can see my confidence growing… Continue reading

David’s Scar


When David was looking for an artifact in his bag, he couldn’t really find anything. He then pointed down to his knee showing a scar, which we both agreed would be an interesting… Continue reading

Thoughts on Maus


Art tells his father’s story in the form of a graphic novel. If this story wasn’t told in a graphic novel medium, I think it would be difficult to follow along. The pictures… Continue reading

Rheto-Rec of a Public Space [FINAL]


PDF File Process and Research Log Rhetoric of a Public Space: Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Kirsten Stage, Sabrina Senn, and Naomi Nguyen University of Iowa Overview: At 309 South Madison Avenue you… Continue reading

Little Miss Sunshine


Watching the Movie: The character I chose was Olive. Olive’s short term goal was to make it to the pageant by 3:00 and win Little Miss Sunshine. Olive looked up to Miss America because… Continue reading

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center


The public space we chose was the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. The Rec is a place where all students have access to the equipment, personal trainers, classes, and much more. We plan to… Continue reading

Chapter 15: Call a Foul


Summary In this chapter, Heinrichs talks about how there are really no rules in rhetoric. As long as you stick to your argument, you can get away with using fallacies. Even though Heinrichs… Continue reading

Love One, Love All


  “Power of Love” Document Presentation Screencast Ernest Rodriguez, born in 1928, was a civil rights activist that was apart of many different organizations that advocated equality towards Latinos in Iowa, and across… Continue reading

I Side With


Throughout the quiz, I picked the “other” stances for most of it. Most of my stances differed from just the simple “yes” or “no”. Most of my opinions, I am very indecisive, so… Continue reading

Archives Alive!: Power of Love

by This document was a speech by Ernest Rodriguez possibly written in 1982. His intended audience for this speech perhaps could’ve been for minority groups in Iowa, and potentially the whole nation. The… Continue reading