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Looking back over what I’ve done one of the things that surprised me was when we did the I side with blog post. I remember that I didn’t expect to side with the… Continue reading



Because I missed class on the day that this activity was started I decided to do my artifact interview with a friend. My friends’ name is Sarita. She is a freshman majoring in… Continue reading

Thoughts On Maus I


Maus I: A Survivors Tale, written by Art Spiegelman, is a graphic novel depicting the author’s father’s story of World War II. The author, Spiegelman, decided that the story would be written as a… Continue reading

Little Miss Sunshine


As you watch the movie: The character that I chose to follow was Olive. She has devoted her life to being a beauty queen. Olive’s short term goal is to win Little Miss… Continue reading

Chapters 16-17


Sabrina Senn and Isaiah Moss Chapter 16: Know Whom to Trust (p.181-190) Summary  In chapter 16 it talks about the use of ethos, and how a salesmen uses the characteristic of ethos. Heinrich… Continue reading

I side with…


I found myself simply choosing yes or no, especially when I didn’t like any of the other stances. I figured my opinion could be summarized into the yes or no. I am not surprised… Continue reading

U of I Senate

by This document seems to be a newspaper clipping. I think that it was published on 1/7/71. The author is trying to inform the audience, University of Iowa students, staff and faculty, of… Continue reading

Rhetorical Analysis


The things on campus that I want to get involved in would be social events. By helping organize social events I believe I can learn how to organize an event, how to get… Continue reading

Show What You Know


Show What You Know 1