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Bomb Blast Damages Iowa City Civic Center


Bomb Blast Damages Iowa City Civic Center (Transcribed by me) Document Page Two (Not Transcribed by me) Page Three (Not Transcribed by me) Page Four (Not Transcribed by me) Bomb Blast Damages Iowa City Civic Center (Presentation) Screencast… Continue reading

Final: Non-English Speaking Patients

by Speech It was the year 1975, the Vietnam War had just ended and many people started working their way to the United States so they can have a better life not only… Continue reading

FINAL Vietnam War 1960s


URL to document: Step 2C: Archives Alive! Speech I became interested in this document because it was in a folder called “Anti-War Protests” (Levine, 1967, para. 1).  I have always found wars interesting… Continue reading

The Rallying Call


The Rallying Call Ralley Document Screencast This is a flyer that was typed on a typewriter titled “Ralley—Free The Chicago 9—NOW”. While it is not known who wrote the flyer, it has many… Continue reading

Love One, Love All


  “Power of Love” Document Presentation Screencast Ernest Rodriguez, born in 1928, was a civil rights activist that was apart of many different organizations that advocated equality towards Latinos in Iowa, and across… Continue reading

Roses for Estes


Article Screencast Presentation During the year of 1985, things were different than they are now. Simon Estes was a well beloved Iowan. Simon achieved success my making it out of Iowa, and pursuing… Continue reading

Archives Alive: Final Post (Edna Griffin)


Civil Rights Activist With An Extreme Involvement Archives Alive! Presentation Part 2c: During the time of 1950s-1960s, the Civil Rights Movement was in its peek publicly and in its involvement from the african… Continue reading

Edna Griffin: Civil Rights Activist and Suspected Communist


Transcribed Document Presentation Screencast Edna Griffin: Civil Rights Activist and Suspected Communist During the time of Edna Griffin’s life there was tension going on with both The Red Scare and racial issues. African… Continue reading

Archives Alive!

by video: Archives Alive 2016 The author isn’t included in this document, but it was written for the Daily Iowan newspaper, most likely to inform Iowa City residents. This article talks about… Continue reading

Library Selfie


Here is my book! It is called Radicalism at the Crossroads, African American Woman Activists in the Cold War.